Galway Bay / Bay Ale

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Bay Ale is a copper coloured, traditional ale with malt and hop aromas and a smooth and well-balanced flavour.

Hoppy, yet malt-forward this ale strikes a great balance. Using Perle, Bobek and Willamette hops alongside a strong malt backbone this beer is both for savoring and thirst-quenching, depending on your mood.


  • Speciality Malts - Brown, Crystal & Munich (Note: Change of Hop from Perle to Northern Brewer) 
  • Hops (33 IBU) - Northern Brewer, Bobek and Willamette
  • ABV: 4.2%
  • Est Calories: 126
  • Bottle: 500ml


This beer goes with pretty much anything you can think of. Try with Salads, Roast meats, Cold meats, Simple Cheeses and Salmon Dishes.