[Ticket] Inaugural Belfast Women's Beer Collective

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Welcome to Belfast Women's Beer Collective! We are a group for women only in Belfast and surrounds who are passionate about craft beer, want to learn more about craft beer and brewing or simply want to socialise with other women over a pint!

The aim of this collective is to bring women together to discuss beers by posting reviews of craft beers, breweries and pubs, posting photo's and articles about beer, seeking advice on where to find the perfect pint, celebrating women working in the beer industry and more.

I will organise regular meet ups once we get a few members, which will include tastings, brewery tours, pub crawls and other great craft beer related events.

Why a group for women? This is a safe and comfortable space for women who share their gender identity to explore their interest in craft beer together.

Please read the basic rules of the group:
- Women only
- Please use common sense when posting, for example no promoting anything that is not craft beer related.
- Events and meet ups to be approved by admin (we may have something similar in the pipe line).
- No hawking of your business before running it past Admin first.
- Choose your words wisely if you are writing a review, we prefer useful as opposed to simply negative.
- No politics unless it is beer related
- Admin reserves the right to delete any posts that are uncalled for, discriminative or inappropriate
- Breweries, reps, bottle shops, bars, pubs etc we are happy to spread the word of your business, please get in touch with Admin.
-You must be 18 years old or over to join
- Spread the word! Feel free to share this page with your friends!

For more information contact Mardi at belfastwomensbeercollective@gmail.com