To-Øl — Director's Cut Reparationsbajer

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This beer is also part of the Directors Cut Series. The Directors cut are about enjoying smaller parts of the movie on a bigger scale. The part that was too short in the movie but now have time to be enjoyed and embraced in the longer version. A subject that was mentioned in the previous film but now has its own full feature. The Directors Cut is about taking themes and enlarge them on the screen." 
Reviving an old recipe from experiments past, This long boil Imperial twist on their Reparationsbajer Pale Ale, needed multiple yeast additions during fermentation to keep the process going. The last of these additions was a champagne yeast, which adds a winey characteristic to the beer. Despite its high alcohol content, this beer still maintains a dry characteristic, with some sweetness to it. 

ABV: 17.0% | 375ml Bottle